Benefits of Holiday Home ownership

Have you always dreamed of having a seaside retreat; somewhere to escape to whenever you like? With Peter Bull France, there’s been no better time to invest in your perfect holiday home! From our desirable location, to our friendly staff, there are lots of great benefits to enjoy when securing a holiday home with us.

Hassle Free Holidays

Say goodbye to destination disagreements and endless trawling for cheap holiday prices. Avoid peak time price rises and forget all about checking in. With a holiday home you can return again and again to your favourite place in South West France. You’ll have time to discover all the best walks, restaurants and lakes; plus our holiday parks are open all year round, so you can enjoy unlimited holidays in every season. Plus you can make it your own so it becomes a real home from home!


One of the key benefits of caravan ownership is the opportunity to make some money from your purchase. Peter Bull Resorts allow subletting at all of their holiday parks and will fully manage the process for you from marketing and booking, right through to check-ins and cleaning. If you don’t want to use your holiday home during the peak season, we can manage bookings to help you cover your site fees, bringing the cost of owning a holiday home down even further. Or you might purchase a caravan or lodge, or even a second caravan or lodge, solely for the purpose of sub-letting. Changes to the tax relief of buy to let properties and a higher rate of stamp duty plus low interest rates for savers has made it very difficult to know what to do with any savings that you may have. Letting caravans or lodges offers a comparatively attractive investment opportunity which many financial experts have recognised.

A major benefit of caravan ownership over the traditional idea of a second home is their affordability. Particularly in an area such as Duras where housing prices are particularly buoyant and not as affected by market changes. With the price of caravan ownership starting at 26,995€ we can find you the perfect holiday home for your budget.  You also don’t need to worry about solicitors fees or the equivalent of council tax. Plus static caravans and lodges are very cost efficient to run, so your on-going costs are minimal too.

Laid Back Lifestyle

Sometimes you have to take a step away from your day to day life to be able to really relax. Owning a holiday home gives you a place to escape, where you can’t see that the grass needs cutting or the shopping needs doing. You can spend your leisure time doing the things that you really enjoy. Indulge in a whole day 


reading without feeling guilty, take long walks or enjoy late evening picnics at the lake. One of the benefits of caravan ownership, or a lodge, is that the outside world somehow seems much closer than when you are in a house, so you will be more likely to spend time enjoying the gorgeous natural surroundings of South West France.

For all the Family

A holiday home is an investment that can be shared and enjoyed by all of the family. Bring your grandkids down to enjoy a fun filled holiday at the lake or offer friends and family the opportunity to join you or take a break of their own. Plus our holiday park is dog friendly so you can bring your furry friends too!